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Kennedy Industrial Park -- Buffalo, N.Y. Metro Area

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Advantages of the Location: Area and Street Location Maps
350 Mile Radius Location Map

The Complex has excellent access to all major highways in the Buffalo area.

Excellent access to the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.

Good location for Canadian firms serving the New York and U.S. markets.

Less than a two hour drive to Toronto from the Complex.

The north side of the Complex is on Broadway, a major highway.

Located one mile from New York State Thruway Exit 52 (at Walden Avenue).

Located very close to the Norfolk Southern Intermodal terminal for Buffalo.

In the Town of Cheektowaga, just one mile east of the Buffalo city line.

Located in good suburban neighborhood with very low crime in the area.

Good supply of skilled and educated workers in the immediate area.

M-2 Zoning at the Complex allows most commercial and industrial activities.

The Complex is free of contaminants and environmental hazards.

The Town of Cheektowaga and Erie County have pro-business outlooks.

Just a few minutes drive to downtown Buffalo and to the bridges to Canada.

Located about four miles from the Buffalo International Airport (BUF).

Excellent police and fire department services in the Town of Cheektowaga.

Railway service is available.

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Area and Street Location Maps
350 Mile Radius Location Map

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