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Kennedy Industrial Park    --   The Facilities:

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Main Industrial Building:
  • Size: Approx. 300,000 Sq. Ft. - All Ground Floor - Heavy Floor Loads
  • Floors: Concete; Wood Block or Asphalt over Concrete or Wood Block
  • Ceiling Heights vary from 12' 6" Min. to 25' Max, depending upon areas
  • Goods Stacking Higher Than Nominal Ceiling Height is usually possible
  • Interior is Readily Partitionable for Arbitrary User Configurations
  • Large Open Space Areas Can Be Configured in Main Industrial Building
  • Vertical Support Columns in Main Industrial Building on 30'x30' Grids
  • Access and Loading Doors and Loading Docks:
  • All Vehicle Types, Trailer and Container Sizes can be Accommodated
  • More Than 20 Truck Loading Docks - Some with Hydraulic Levelers
  • More Than 10 Grade-Level Doors (to 14' height) for Drive-In Access
  • Private Sidetrack Connection to Local Railway Switchyard Available
  • Utility Services:
  • Natural Gas: Low and High Pressure Gas Available Throughout
  • Water: Heavy Water Connections Available Throughout
  • Heating: User Controlled - Zoned Natural Gas Hang Unit Heaters
  • Heating for confined areas: gas forced air furnaces and electric
  • 120V AC and 240V AC Single Phase Electric Throughout
  • High Power 480V AC 3-Phase Electric Available Throughout
  • Fire Protection, Security and Environmental Considerations:
  • Multi-Zone "Dry" Sprinkler System Throughout Main Industrial Building
  • "Dry" Sprinkler System Has No Temperature Maintainence Requirement
  • Fire-Proof Construction for Main Industrial Building
  • Excellent Fire Rating for Main Industrial Building
  • Electronic Security Systems and Monitoring Available Throughout
  • Good Suburban Neighborhood In Very Low Crime Area
  • Excellent Security History At The Property
  • Asbestos-Free Main Industrial Building (asbestos removed 1990)
  • Site is Free of Contaminants and Other Environmental Hazards
  • Material Handling Services Available at Site:
  • Public Industrial Warehouse Operated by Kennedy Warehouse Service
  • Forklift and Operator Services Available For Loading and Unloading
  • Finished Office Space:
  • Approx. 10,000 sq.ft. of Office Build-Outs in Main Industrial Building
  • Approx. 15,000 sq.ft. of Finished Space in Separate Office Building(s)
  • Custom Office Build-Outs in Main Building under long term leases
  • Office Trailers may be used in outdoor storage yard areas or indoors
  • Outdoor Storage and Parking Areas:
  • Fenced Industrial Storage Yard Areas - 320,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Additional Unfenced Storage / Parking Areas Available - 100,000 Sq. Ft.
  • Facilities Drawings -- Information: Text Descriptions of Facilities
    Info. About Facilities Pictures

    Facilities drawings for Kennedy Industrial Park are accessible here in two different formats: as GIF image drawings and as AutoCAD DWF vector drawing files. Both of these drawing types provide a good overview and very specific information about the facilities at the Kennedy Industrial Park which cannot be easily communicated orally or in text form. Both of these formats provide a subset of information in the master AutoCAD drawing (DWG) files for Kennedy Industrial Park.

    We provide a GIF Format Drawing Page for the available GIF drawings which can be viewed in any Web Browser. All full size GIF drawing files can be accessed directly from that page, and all parts of each large GIF drawing can then be viewed by scrolling in your Web Browser. This is very useful for a quick overview, but the GIF drawings have only one image layer, cannot be zoomed in a Web Browser and suffer loss of image detail if rescaled or zoomed in an external graphic application.

    We also provide DWF format drawings which offer more detail and other advantages compared to the GIF drawings. These can be viewed after a "free" Autodesk DWF file viewer is downloaded and installed. Once installed, such DWF file viewer allows DWF drawings to be zoomed, panned and printed, with full drawing detail and scale, and ON/OFF control over display of each available drawing layer. Details about how to install a DWF file viewer and the advantages of the DWF format (compared to GIF) are provided on the DWF Access page.

    [To Access GIF Drawings]        [To Access DWF Drawings]

    The master AutoCAD electronic drawing (DWG) files for Kennedy Industrial Park contain many more facilities details. Additionally, more detailed DWF files can be easily extracted from the master DWG files for authorized users. If you need access to more detailed drawings, please contact us with your request.

    Facilities Pictures -- Information: Text Descriptions of Facilities
    Info. About Facilities Drawings

    A series of pictures of Kennedy Industrial Park and its facilities are available as JPEG images for viewing in your Web Browser. If you need access or want to see a picture of something in particular, please contact us with your request. Some of the available "pictures" will be made available here in the near future without request. STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION!

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