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Kennedy Industrial Park -- Buffalo, N.Y. Metro Area

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Actual and Permitted Uses:

The Kennedy Industrial Park has M-2 Zoning which allows a very wide range of commercial and industrial activities to be conducted there. Additionally, the Town of Cheektowaga has a pro-business outlook.

Following are some of the actual uses:

  • Distribution and Wholesale Businesses - Various
  • Regional and Local Warehousing Operations
  • Light Manufacturing - Various
  • Heavy Manufacturing - Various
  • Outdoor Vehicle Storage and Parking
  • Storage of Construction Equipment and Supplies
  • Storage of Factory Equipment
  • Operation of Retail Businesses
  • Operation of Service Businesses
  • Truck Dispatch and Terminal Operations
  • Trailer Storage and Parking
  • Storage of Overflow Inventories and Raw Materials
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    Tel: +1-716-897-1606
    Fax: +1-716-895-5279

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