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Kennedy Industrial Park   --  Facilities / Layout Drawings:

Facilities and layout drawings for the Kennedy Industrial Park are accessible through this page in GIF image file format. The available GIF files provide a good overview and very specific information about the facilities at the Kennedy Industrial Park which cannot be easily communicated orally or in simple written form. Our GIF Format Drawings Page provides direct access to the available GIF drawings which can be viewed in any Web Browser. All publicly available full size GIF drawing files can be accessed directly from that page, and all parts of each large GIF drawing can then be viewed by scrolling in your Web Browser. This is very useful for a quick overview, but the GIF drawings have only one image layer, cannot be zoomed in a Web Browser and suffer loss of image detail if rescaled or zoomed in an external graphic application.

We also previously provided DWF format drawings through publicly accessible pages on this web site. However, since we first did that, the DWF format has been greatly improved by Autodesk and now can show almost as much detail as in the AutoCAD dwg file used to create it; as a result, we have withdrawn all DWF files from open public access, but up to date DWF files are still available for our authorized users. Our current master AutoCAD (*.dwg) files for the Kennedy Industrial Park contain many more and up to date details compared to the GIF files available through one more link from web page, and we can easily extract special or more detailed images or drawing files (in GIF, PDF, DWF and other formats) from them for authorized users. Please contact us if you need access to a detailed drawing of something in particular.

We also have numerous JPG image files which show pictures of many of the features and facilities at the Kennedy Industrial Park, including tenant spaces and uses. Please contact us if you need access to detailed picture(s)/images(s) of something in particular.

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