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Kennedy Industrial Park -- Buffalo, N.Y. Metro Area

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More About Leasing and Warehousing Services:

The Kennedy Industrial Park has had the same ownership and management since 1980. Throughout that period the Owners have been actively involved in all operations, including leasing and warehousing.

Due to the high visibility of the Kennedy Industrial Park from the major roadway, Broadway, on which it is located and our advertising in business newspapers in Buffalo and Toronto, we deal directly with customers without any broker involvement much of the time. Nevertheless, we always welcome full broker participation in leasing on a non-exclusive basis; we have had dealings with almost all of the established commercial / industrial real estate brokers in Western New York and enjoy an excellent reputation with them.

Our leasing rates are competitive and we can and do tailor our standard leases to meet the specific requirements of customers. Please contact us if we may be able to assist with your needs. We offer short term, long term and variable space configuration leases. We usually have available or can very quickly make available for lease interior industrial building space, outdoor storage yard space and office space. We almost always have small quantity units (5,000 to 10,000 sq. ft.) of space available, and often can make larger quantities available (up to 100,000 sq. ft. or more) upon reasonable advance notice.

We also have our own experienced construction and maintenance personnel and can adapt and customize space to meet a customer's needs very quickly. We invite you to contact us to arrange for an on-site visit to see what we have available or to get further information. If you like what you see or learn, one of the Owners always gets directly involved in lease or warehousing negotiations so that decisions and necessary business arrangements for tailoring a lease can be concluded for the customer without delays from our side.

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Tel: +1-716-897-1606
Fax: +1-716-895-5279

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