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Access to GIF File Images of Facilities / Layout Drawings:

The GIF file images of drawings for the Kennedy Industrial Park accessible from this web page are derived from 2000 (or earlier) versions of our master AutoCAD drawings. These GIF image files lack many details, cannot be zoomed or rescaled without loss of detail, and are not up to date as are our current AutoCAD *.dwg files. Nevertheless, these files are small and can be easily loaded and viewed in any Web Brower (or Image Viewer) from which they may also be printed. They are useful for obtaining a quick overview perspective with limited details. Note again: interior walls; interior and exterior doors; driveways, property boundaries, and other details on the GIF images are not up-to-date.

Specific GIF Drawing Available:

  • Main Industrial Building - With Column Locators
  • Northeast Quadrant - Main Industrial Building
  • Northwest Quadrant - Main Industrial Building
  • Southeast Quadrant - Main Industrial Building
  • Southwest Quadrant - Main Industrial Building
  • Lots North of Main Building and West of Kennedy Road
  • Large Lot at Southeast Corner of Property

  • Other Drawings and Pictures / Images Available:

    Our current master AutoCAD (*.dwg) files for the Kennedy Industrial Park contain many more and up to date details compared to the GIF files available through this web page. We can easily extract special or more detailed images or drawing files (in GIF, PDF, DWF and other formats) from the master *.dwg files for authorized users. We also have numerous JPG image files which show pictures of many of the features and facilities at the Kennedy Industrial Park, including tenant spaces and uses. Please contact us if you need access to more detailed drawings or need to see a picture of something in particular.

    Previously we had DWF Format Drawings derived from our master AutoCAD files available on the publicly accessible portions of this web site. Since we first made those available, the DWF format has been greatly improved and now can show almost as much detail as in the AutoCAD dwg file used to create it; as a result, we have withdrawn all DWF files from open public access, but up to date DWF files are still available for our authorized users.

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